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MT-One and Alexa

Devices need to differentiate to thrive in the Alexa marketplace. MT-One can be deployed in the cloud or on device to enable devices to add custom, context driven experiences, powered by Amazon Alexa:

  • Smart Home skills for lighting, entertainment, locks, thermostats, and more
  • Template driven display of Alexa Display Cards and other custom visual assets
  • Target content display across devices in the home
  • Playback files from local media and DLNA servers
  • Access local photo and video content
  • Launch calls on Skype or other calling platforms, complete with contact management
  • Messaging via email or SMS
  • 3rd party services like photos, videos, restaurant recommendations, recipes, and more

MT-One In The Cloud with Alexa

MT-One Concept

When deployed in the cloud, MT-One provides maximum flexibility to differentiate your Alexa-enabled device. Your own auto-scaling set of MT-One instances deployed on AWS connect with the Alexa Voice Service through the Alexa Skills Kit interface. Chain together service adapter and context brains to customize how your device responds to queries coming in from Alexa.  Your IoT devices connect directly to MT-One using a thin client and your Alexa-enabled speaker, home hub, or other device has an embedded MT-One client that works in cooperation with your AVS client to render visual content and access custom functionality. Since your devices all speak to MT-One through the cloud, they can cooperate both inside the home and on the go.

MT-One On Device with Alexa

MT-One Architecture

When deployed on-device, MT-One Local is optimized for interaction within the home itself over the local network. MT-One Local let's you take advantage of increased resources on the client to reduce the cloud server requirements. All third party service interaction is directly between the device and the service, enhancing user privacy and control. The use of AWS Lambda functions interacting with AWS IoT creates a serverless architecture that is easy to maintain.

MT-One Connects Agents Together

In the video above, MT-One in the cloud is connected to the Echo through Alexa Skills Kit, is driving the mobile client with a custom NLU agent, and is powering a thin-client inside the IoT hub controlling the lights. The state is stored fully within the MT-One cloud and all context is preserved.

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