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When you realize that voice is just the tip of the iceberg.

Building the Internet of Things since 1999

FWi-1000 Internet RadioWith all the noise in the connected device space, it is important to remember that experience matters. It is one thing for a company to claim that they have a connected platform to suit your needs. It is quite another for them to actually deliver on the promise. As amazing as it sounds, the team at Media Tuners has been working to build Internet powered devices since 1999. Starting with the Sonicbox remote tuner, we then went on to work on such ground breaking products as the Philips FWi-1000 Internet radio.

Throughout that time, we have learned some key lessons. One of the most important is the need to create a win/win/win scenario for device makers, content providers, and consumers. In our experience, most people only address the needs of two of them. The reality is that if you don't address all three, the product will eventually collapse under its own economic imbalance.

Another important lesson is making sure that your device uses the Internet in a way that differentiates it, not just as a check-the-box feature. Otherwise, why should they buy your product over the competition?

The great news is that by working with Media Tuners, you not only get the benefit of our technology platform, but also of our expertise in licensing and business modeling to help you create a winning connected services business concept for your device.

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