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GM Climbs out of the "App Trap"

GigaOm_Impala(photo courtesy of GigaOm) GigaOm reported yesterday that GM is abandoning its custom app strategy for MyLink. Good move. GM had fallen into the "App Trap," thinking they could keep up with mobile phones and have native "apps" in the car. As we have mentioned, before, trying to build out a custom app ecosystem in a car is a failing strategy. There is no way for cars to keep up with the pace and quality of apps on mobile phones.

However, that doesn't mean the MyLink platform or concept is bad. Just the contrary, by pushing the "apps" over to Google and Apple where they belong, GM can be freed up to create task-based, context driven experiences in the dash. Over time, these will end up getting used by drivers far more than apps since they are purpose built for solving specific problems for the driver.

For those who are in the app mindset, think of it as abandoning a multi-app strategy in favor of a single-app strategy. As Thilo Koslowski has said many times, the car is a unique mobile platform. We should focus on its capabilities and create new experiences, not just try to play catch-up with the mobile phone.

Now let's see if GM takes that next step and make their connected cars all they could be.

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