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Show Me Around

Your listing, your tour


Show Me Around is your customized tour app for home and commercial real estate. Touring a new property can be hit or miss. Most times during the buying process, the buyer's agent is unaware of important details about the property being viewed and the selling agent isn't nearby to answer questions. This can give the wrong impression on a property, turning what could have been a perfect match sale into a missed opportunity. In addition, the selling agent doesn't know about what parts of the property are getting the most attention and what parts are being missed. Show Me Around solves these problems and more by providing a customized tour, complete with images, links, and recorded audio.

Buyers, you install the app and receive an audio/visual guided tour of the property as you walk around at your own pace. Hear directly from the one most knowledgeable about the property, the seller. If you want to follow up, just touch a button and the agent will know to contact you. The same app works across multiple properties and you can save your favorites for later review - including your own notes.

Sellers, you place iBeacons around the property and then use the app to take pictures, record audio, and decide where you want each item to play. You can create your own custom profile for the property and for yourself, including photos, Web links, contact information, and one-touch messaging to you from the buyer.

Sellers use the app by first purchasing an agent account and getting their initial pack of 5 or 10 beacons.


  • Easy to use! Just download the app and go
  • Guided walkthrough with audio and images
  • Save your favorite listings to review later
  • Take notes to help you remember property highlights
  • One-touch follow up with the agent


  • Tell your story, even when you aren't there
  • iBeacons ensure accurate content delivery
  • Setup, record, and modify your tour all from the app
  • Analytics show what's working and what isn't
  • Buyers can contact you directly for followup

Agent Analytics

MT-One Proximity Heatmap Sellers using Show Me Around get access to Web analytics. The analytics comes complete with dwell time analysis and funnel reports. Sellers can also upload a map of the property for custom heat map visualizations that give instant understanding of tour flow patterns, showing where buyers spend their time and what critical features they might be missing.

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