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When you realize that voice is just the tip of the iceberg.

For your visual edification...

Our version of the Guardian Avatar - your agent in the cloud that manifests itself across every device appropriate for the interface. Everything you see in this video is live and real implemented using the Media Tuners MT-One platform for ambient computing - building a Learning Home instead of just a Smart Home.

MT-One can combine multiple native and 3rd party natural language services to help you stay ahead of consumer expectations and easily add new features.

MT-One is multi-lingual and we are able to rapidly deploy command input for new languages. Check out how it understands Japanese as well as English. This is the same agent back end as shown in the Concierge video that greets you with the weather report and then a summary of what's on your calendars.

Here's a quick demonstration using MT-One to add intelligent agent interaction, dynamic 3rd party data, and voice control to a Unity 3D virtual reality world.

At a recent visit to Coinbase, we demonstrated the ability of apps using MT-One to send Bitcoin using only your voice, complete with two-factor authentication.

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